Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Book-o- ween: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

We have a lot of Halloween parties in Hong Kong but the book-o-ween party at Tori’s school is everyone’s favorite. This year we went as our favorite book in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Or at least our favorite thus far. (We are now on Prince Caspian, book four). The kids went dressed up to school for a costume parade. We decorated pumpkins to match our costumes for the school’s library. And we re-read bits of Narnia on and off all day. That would have been the perfect day for me but wait there is more!

Once again we braved trick or treating in our high rise apartment building. It was do-able but only just so. The trick is that every block, with 60 plus apartments, two on each floor, is serviced by two elevators. Lots of holding elevators, long waits etc. But with candy as motivation we pushed on. In fact, we used the stairs for our trick or treating. The only problem there is that the stairs only stop on the odd floors and not everyone is participating in the event. Once we trick or treated on the 17th floor in one building and then walked down to the 3rd for our next candy stop. I had a couple break through ideas on how to revolutionize this process. Stay tuned for next year!

We emerged from that craziness to cross the street and partake in Halloween activities at the American Club. With a nice cool (upper 70’s) evening, we lounged on the lawn. We had face painting, music and a moon bounce, plus a haunted house. When all was said and done and the kids were counting their candy, Royce asked if this was “real” Halloween. With all the parties today and all the parties last week (we even did trick or treating at a Consulate party last week), her confusion is more than justified! But it was Halloween, it was real and it was real fun.


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