Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reception 2 times two!

After many excited days and nights, Adam and Royce just started Reception 2, which is what kindergarten is called at their school, the Hong Kong International School. After two years of volunteering in Tori’s classes and going to the library and other school events, Adam and Royce know their way around and were greeted by name by many teachers and students. They got into line, followed directions, and marched up the stairs. They did great. Quite a bit better than a sad Mom and Dad as a matter of fact.

Our school has a twins’ separation policy, which is fine with all of us. However, Adam’s and Royce’s classrooms are right next to each other and they have recesses and most of their elective classes, like Chinese and music, together. We heard they played together at the first recess but went their own ways at the second recess. Both gravitated to girls with long blonde hair to play with.

All the reports (and there are many reports, minute by minute reports) are good. Adam loves his teacher. He told me he winked at her all day but she did not wink back. Royce is also enamored with her teacher. Apparently, Royce cried a little after lunch and got to sit at the teacher’s desk. She liked it so much I fear she might try this tactic again. After their first day of separation, Adam and Royce returned triumphant on the bus, sitting together, smiling and waving like royalty.

On the way to the bus in the morning, we passed a friend of mine with a three year old and one year old twins. While we brushed past her with our uniforms and back packs, she said she wished her kids were older like ours. I, of course, told her I would opt for the baby phase again. She looked at me with such horror that I did snap out of my nostalgia momentarily. The days of princess and super hero dress up were adorable but the school uniforms are cute in their own grown up way. Or so I am trying to tell myself.


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