Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crazy Eights!

Time flies when you are having fun. And to prove the point, the twins just turned eight! It is funny to think that when we moved to Hong Kong five years ago they were called the babies, drank out of sippy cups and took naps! Recently, our family walked a little course around the Peak, a high point in Hong Kong with great views of the harbor and sea. When we first moved here, we took that walk with the twins in a stroller! Well, time has flown on to big adventure parties, many cakes and lots of good friends.
Following in their big sister’s example, the twins opted to have a water adventure party at our high school swimming pool. This is the pool where all kids practice a couple times a week and where we parents sit for many hours every week. In short, it feels like home. And the twins acted like it was home. They greeted the local lifeguards by name, went into the back room to turn up the music and led the charge on the zip line across the pool.
For the first time in years, Adam and Royce opted for a joint birthday party. As time is getting tight here at the end of the school year, we supported this idea fully. In a surprisingly show of unity, both kids came into each other’s classroom for the classroom celebration. Royce sang and passed out cupcakes in Adam’s class and Adam did the same in Royce’s class. It was all very cozy and sweet. I think it might have been a ploy to get an extra cupcake but I am trying to ignore that.
In the excitement of the birthday presents, Adam asked me if he could get an iphone for his birthday. I said no. He expressed a little dismay over this decision. Recovering quickly, he asked me if he could have “food” for his birthday. I said sure. We all laughed remembering Adam as a toddler asking for a special trip, just him and mom, to the grocery store. Inflated food prices in Hong Kong plus Adam’s huge appetite just about equal the price of an iphone but so it goes.


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