Wednesday, September 27, 2017

All High School All the Time

Everyone around us, including the teens themselves, have accepted the new world order. But the parents are struggling. Yes, this year all three of our kids are high school. While it is nice to have everyone on the same campus again, there is a degree of finesse in getting all three kids out the door at the same time again. It works but mostly because Royce sometimes rides her bike and because Sienna, the dog, now stays home on the high school runs. This used to be the dog’s thing. But she’s been demoted. There is no more space for her with three big kids, their book bags and sports equipment.
The twins have really embraced high school. Both are doing a sport, cross country and football. They go to school and then straight to sports practice and finally come home exhausted. Last year, with no recess at middle school and no sports teams, they were not exhausted. This was not a great set up for a smooth evening. Honestly, they are so tired, they don’t even fight anymore. Yesterday, Royce was on the couch at five reading, fell asleep, woke up at bedtime and just went to bed. It might sound a little dreary around here but we’ve all mostly accepted it and moved on.
Tori is busy with tennis and lots of rigorous classes. She’s starting to meet with college reps that come to the high school. It all seems very real. Real that the whole plan is for her to go away sometime. In the meantime, we have a lot more information on her than ever before. Twins report on when they see her at school, what she was doing and if she seemed happy with it all. Both have joined the club that Tori is president of.
This past Friday the twins both invited friends over for a BBQ. This has long been a standing order but only a few times have kids come over. This time five or six freshman girls came by with just as many freshman boys stopping over. There was talk back and forth between the groups about classes and teachers. Royce and Adam sort of thought their friend groups would stay apart but the mixing has begun. And all of our kids love the mixing of the grades in their classes. They all love having seniors in their classes. We will know they have crossed some great coming of age milestone when they accept having a sibling in their class. Unlikely but one can dream.


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