Sunday, December 16, 2007

Toothless in Hong Kong again!

Right after Tori lost her latest tooth last week, Adam followed with his own tooth loss! This was a little shocking to us all as Adam is only four years old and typically four year olds don’t lose their teeth yet. As Adam was opening the refrigerator (a common activity for him), his first tooth just fell out. Adam feels like a real big boy now and we were all excited for him. With zero twins’ jealousy, Royce ran around the apartment yelling “two thumbs up for Adam!” Phil was working late that night and we needed someone else to tell the exciting news so we headed to the management office and the security guards for our apartment complex. To their credit, they all admired Adam’s gaping hole and all exclaimed “Ai-ya!,” a typical Chinese exclamation. There is really nothing else to say when faced with Adam and Tori's combined teeth loss these days.


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