Monday, February 25, 2008


Tooth loss has been a common event at our house lately. It was bound to happen sooner or later but it was still exciting to have two kids each loss a tooth on the same night. Last Friday, both Adam and Tori lost teeth within minutes of each other. There was a competitive element to the whole thing. Adam pulled his very loose bottom tooth out (his second) to much applause and excitement. Tori then asked me to wiggle her absurdly loose front tooth (her sixth) and then pulled it out herself. In retrospect, we are perhaps lucky that Royce was in a time-out during this tooth event and thus not motivated to get in on the action too.

There were a few complications related to the double tooth loss. For one, we have an embroidered pillow case (from my mom and my childhood) that has a little pocket for the tooth. Adam kindly gave use of the pillow case to Tori, as he deemed the pillowcase somewhat girly in the end. The second complication was the tooth fairy herself. Everyone was worried that she would only come to one kid and not know about the other. To cover this, Tori wrote a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the situation and asking the tooth fairy not to forget her brother. And as Adam can’t quite write much yet, Tori wrote the same letter to be put under his pillow. The tooth fairy did deliver money to all but at this pace some downward calculations in pay will soon be implemented


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