Monday, March 24, 2008

Cover Boy

While I have spent more time on reading with the kids than grooming them, we are now branching into modeling of all things. Luckily, the grooming is pretty much done on site. The kids have been approached here for modeling a couple of times and we recently followed through in signing them up with an agency. The attraction for the kids in this is first, doing something new and, second, getting free toys. Unfortunately, after our first foray into modeling, neither of the assumptions was fulfilled. The photo shoot was remarkably similar to a dreaded day at Portrait People or any mall photography shop. And the toy was not offered.

Last week, the modeling agency contacted me regarding Adam. His presence was requested at a photo shoot for toy packaging to be marketed in the US. After spending a week stuck inside due to the Hong Kong wide flu situation (more on that to follow), we were happy for the opportunity to go anywhere, even to an industrial packaging warehouse. The whole thing was actually fun (for me) and reminded me of visiting factories in Ukraine with my old job. The similarities were remarkable even down to the elevator experience. In Ukraine, I was often stuck and scared in faulty elevators. Here, two kids got in an elevator that immediately took off with Royce and I still in the lobby. As Tori and Adam did not which floor (out of 50 floors) we were going to, it was a bit scary re-connecting with them but we did it.

At the assignment, Adam did a great job posing with the toy and following the directions as best he could. He played with a toy and smiled in the right direction for over an hour. During his 5 minute break, he showed dedication and stayed on the set, playing with the toy, primarily as he did not want his sisters to have a chance with it. At one point during the assignment, he looked up at me and waved. He really had no idea what he was doing but he was proud of doing it. After all this, I thought the kids might notice toy packaging a little more. But no, that is not the case. Phil and I are the only ones admiring the kids on the toy-cereal-toothpaste boxes more these days.


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