Friday, May 23, 2014

Let them eat cake!

Four cakes and seventy two cupcakes to be exact! That would be one cake for Royce’s party, one cake for Adam’s party, one cake for their actual birthday plus loads of purple and Green Bay Packers cupcakes for classroom celebrations, plus a cake for my birthday. Yes, it is that time of year again! Birthday season at our house.

The twins just turned eleven. Both were waiting for acceptance letters from Hogwarts (always sent on one’s eleventh birthday). I overhead whispered discussion between them about what they would do if one of them received an acceptance letter and the other didn’t. I think Adam said he would forfeit his place at the school but Royce thought she would go without him and visit us on holidays. Well, those hard decisions are behind them. No one received a letter and honestly, everyone is relieved. Fair is always best in Adam and Royce’s world.
This year Royce’s birthday was first up on Saturday. And she had a Harry Potter themed sleep over. We love Harry Potter. It is the book/movie series that just keeps coming. It seems to me that this might be the third go around of Potter fever at our house and I love it. Anything mostly inspired by a book is okay by me. We made wands, sorted the girls into houses and held a few Hogwarts classes. Potions class was a favorite but we shut it down early when one girl made something that smelled pretty bad. All things Potter had a huge assist from the twins’ godmother, visiting for the 3rd birthday party in a row. Not only did she get us to the Harry Potter Studio in London last fall but she crafted the golden snitch cake; gold and winged!
Adam’s birthday party was second this year and meant to be a baseball party. Unfortunately, Adam broke his foot the week before so we amended the theme a bit. At school, Adam told one of his teachers that he was on the “injured reserve” and it stuck. We had an “I.R” party with the integral component of the party being a mock NFL draft. We still grilled burgers and glugged Gatorade and had tons of fun. Adam found out the day of his party that Andrew Luck was in town. He wanted to go look for him in town but ultimately decided to stay for his party and friends.
All in all, we had a fun celebratory weekend.  The twins’ actual birthday was a school day with cupcakes at school but also homework and swim practice. However, Adam got one more surprise. He got his cast off. This is actually a surprise gift for us all. No more Adam complaining that he can’t go play ball!


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