Wednesday, June 06, 2018


After a few years in the states, we were ready for Memorial Day Weekend this year. And then we had a ton of snow days and the long holiday we enjoyed in years past turned into just a Monday off. But a nice Monday off nonetheless.
We drove up to the Poconos and stayed in a ski hotel. So reminiscent of Germany! We walked the trails beneath the ski equipment and tried to figure out how big a capital investment it would be for the Americans to install sommer rodelbahn! A very nice quiet time. Parents hiked, girls swam and Adam played basketball. We reconvened for live jazz at dinner and were happy (though restricted from eating outside as the weather was cold and rainy).
The cold and rainy weather paid off the next day when we attempted an amusement park day. We went to Dorney Park, a smaller scale amusement park, just a bit bigger than our favorites in other countries. No lines, so the kids could repeat any ride they wanted to. Adam won a basketball in a basketball shooting game and was happy. Tori went on various drops and turns and was happy. Royce liked the water rides, got soaking wet and was happy. Everyone was big enough to go on rides without me of course so I was happy.
We were feeling pretty good about getting the kids to an amusement park, which is not the parents favorite thing. We liked the memories of it all, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park, perhaps a bit more than the actual experience. It is all a bit nostalgic when the kids don’t need to line up to see if they are big enough for the rides, when they don’t want to eat the junk food, when they are done after a few hours (though this may have been from about ten rides every hour due to no lines). I said that that was probably it for awhile in terms of rides. Tori said no, she was going on Wednesday to Six Flags with her physics class. Yes, she did another full day of rides that same week but also took her calculator!


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